Why invest in a Children's Junior ISA?

Save for your child’s education or first home from an early age.

Reduce the burden of debt on your child’s life.

Make saving habitual for your child.

Provide a savings vehicle for friends and family to pay into.

Benefit from the tax advantages of Junior ISAs.

The Children’s ISA will donate £20 to The Children’s Society for every new account opened.

The Children's Society

ETHICAL Children’s ISA
by Ecclesiastical Investment Management


Ecclesiastical’s portfolios are Ethical investments.

Ecclesiastical has won the Moneyfacts Best Ethical Investment provider Award for the past 5 years, 2009 – 2013.

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Tax free savings for children.
A Junior ISA is like and Adult ISA

For children born before the Child Trust Fund eligibility in Sept 2002. Any UK resident child
under 18, who is not eligible for a Child Trust Fund,
is eligible for a Children’s Junior ISA.

Minimum investment of just £50. Simple to open a Children’s ISA today.

Save up to £4,128 per tax year tax free.

Friends and Family. Any parent or guardian can open it and anyone can make contributions.

Management passes to the child when they reach the age of 16. They can only access the fund when they turn 18, then it becomes an Adult ISA.

By saving £132.50 per month from birth, it is possible to achieve a pot of just over £46,000, based on 5% growth per annum, enough to cover their living costs for three years.

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