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Help a child save for their education or a first home from an early age with a Junior ISA providing tax free savings until their 18th birthday.

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actively managed funds

With our actively managed investment, the fund manager makes specific decisions designed to meet different investment objectives and deliver long term performance. We invest in a range of funds and asset classes, diversification across asset classes and investment managers can reduce risk as well as enhance returns.

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low cost funds

With a low cost fund option the investment team focuses on reducing costs to boost returns and meet long term objectives. A thorough and robust screening process aims to ensure that all the investments in the funds meet the ‘low cost, safe and suitable’ requirements determined by the investment team.

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ethical fund

With an ethical Junior ISA it means that the money is socially responsibly invested in ethical products and companies. The Amity International Fund has won the prestigious Lipper award 2010 for the best fund over 3 years out of 149 funds and aims to achieve long term growth by investing principally in International companies.

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shariah fund

A Shariah Investment is also an ethical fund, governed by the requirements of Shariah law and the principles of the Muslim religion. Shariah-compliant funds are a type of socially responsible investing. Our Shariah fund the global Islamic equity fund would appeal to an investor looking to achieve returns in line with Islamic Investment Guidelines.

Please be aware that the Shariah investment fund is Shariah-compliant, however the JISA / ISA does not operate under Shariah law.

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Who can open a Junior ISA?

A child’s parent or legal guardian must open the Junior ISA account on their behalf. You can open a Junior ISA for any UK child, as long as they are under eighteen. If your child holds a Child Trust Fund, this can easily be swapped over to a Junior ISA account.

Can anyone contribute to a Junior ISA?

Once the account is opened by a parent or guardian, anyone can make a subscription and contribute up to the yearly tax limit. This counts for parents, friends and relatives. Grandparents are often the main investors into child ISAs and once they have the details they can easily and quickly pay into the account online.

How do I set up a Junior ISA?

With the Children’s ISA you can open an account online, from the comfort of your own home. Simply choose which account you would like from our options and fill out our application form. Handy tip: you will need both your and your child’s National Insurance number, plus home address and your bank details to hand.

Can I access the money paid into a Junior ISA?

Only the child named on the Junior ISA account can access the funds, and this can only be withdrawn after their eighteenth birthday. You may, however, gain access in exceptional and unfortunate circumstances, such as if you put forward a terminal illness or death.

What is a Junior ISA?

A Junior ISA or Junior Individual Savings Account is a simple savings account for your child and unlike regular savings accounts; you are allowed to keep any interest earned without having to pay income tax on it. The Tax Free Junior ISA was brought in to replace the Child Trust Fund in 2011.

Who are The Children’s ISA?

We are an independent company who believe in offering the best possible products to help you save towards your child’s future. We have linked up with some of the largest names in the industry such as Prudential, Verbatim Asset Management, Aberdeen Asset Management and Eden Tree Investment Management to offer you excellent investment choices through a simple and flexible Junior ISA framework.

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