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With a low cost fund option the investment team focuses on reducing costs to boost returns and meet long term objectives. A thorough and robust screening process aims to ensure that all the investments in the funds meet the ‘low cost, safe and suitable’ requirements determined by the investment team.

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Our low cost fund portfolio options by Verbatim Asset Management utilise passive investment instruments, managed to a clear risk mandate in order to meet expectations consistently.

The DMS Verbatim Multi-Index Funds from Verbatim Asset Management deliver a range of risk-managed multi-index portfolios that aim to reduce cost while delivering a diversified investment solution. The fund range combines passive instruments to populate the asset allocation, with active management decisions to provide an excellent cost-effective solution to maximise potential returns and expert oversight and governance by the Verbatim Independent Investment Committee.

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There are three risk options defensive, balanced and adventurous, to find out more click on the links below.


If you are a low risk investor, it’s likely that, when investing your money, you look for the security that your investment’s value won’t go up and down a lot.

Other people with this attitude to risk often share a number of common traits:

  • You’re happy to invest in non-cash assets, such as fixed interest securities.
  • You accept that the value of your investment isn’t guaranteed and might go down as well as up.
  • You’re comfortable with some of your money being invested in shares, but not all of it, and some of it may be outside the UK.
  • You accept that it’s possible you may lose some of what you invested for the prospect of better growth.
  • You’ll probably want to spread your money across different types of investments, which should help to reduce the risk by balancing out one type of risk against another.


If you’ve got a balanced attitude to risk, it’s likely that you already have an interest in investing and are comfortable with the ups and downs of the stock market.

Other people with this attitude to risk often share a number of common traits:

  • You’re happy to put a significant proportion of your money in shares or other longer-term investment types.
  • You accept that there’s a risk of losing your money, but this is balanced with the prospect of greater growth.
  • You might have an interest in and knowledge of the stock market.
  • You understand the general risks involved with investing.


If you’re prepared to take high risk, it’s likely that you’re an experienced and knowledgeable investor, whose primary aim is to achieve the highest possible returns on your money, while accepting that this means taking substantial risks.

Other people with this attitude to risk often share a number of common traits:

  • You’re happy to invest in funds in specialist areas or new markets, or both
  • You’re looking for high returns on your money, and you’re willing to take substantial levels of risk to achieve it
  • You accept that there’s a real risk of losing your money, but this is balanced with the prospect of greater growth
  • You’re attracted to new markets with substantial risk, or enjoy trying new types of investment
  • You accept that the value of your investment can fluctuate rapidly and by a large amount.
  • You’re experienced in investing in the stock market, and probably already manage a range of your own investments
  • You understand the risks posed to your money when investing, particularly that your investment is very likely to regularly go up and down in value.
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