The Total Clarity funds are unique – a risk managed portfolio fund of passive instruments run by experts in passive investment selection. The funds seek to find the lowest cost, most accurate way to track the asset allocation of each risk profile, within clear volatility boundaries.

Why use the Total Clarity Funds:

  • Low cost portfolio using passive investment instruments, within a clear risk mandate.
  • Expert screening of investments to select the most appropriate instrument for quality diversification.
  • Expert active investment management overseen by an Independent Investment Committee;
  • Consistently matches the expected risk profiles
  • Offers high value investment option that perform as expected.

Low Cost Childrens Junior ISA

by Total Clarity Funds

Defensive Portfolio

Is mainly invested in bonds (about 70%). It has some exposure to UK and global shares (about 20%), property and other investments. It has relatively little exposure to small companies and emerging markets.

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Diversified Balanced Portfolio

It would appeal to a balanced risk investor who is confident enough to take risk in the hope that their investment grows in the medium to long term.

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Diversified Long Term Growth Portfolio

It would appeal to a growth-seeking investor who is confident enough to take a higher risk in the hope that their investment will grow at a faster rate in the medium to long term.

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Top Tips!


    It is important to understand your goals, the amount of risk you are prepared to take (how big the ups and downs along the way can be), how long you have to invest for before you set off.


    Make sure that you own a good spread of investments as the best way to spread your risks. This is called diversifying. Our funds are all diversified investments.


    Whilst investing in cash can seem like the safest option, over the long term inflation can erode the real value of your savings. A diversified investment should add value over the longer term.


    If you are risk averse, regular saving is a good way to invest as it slowly adds your money to an investment rather than investing all in one go, smoothing the up and downs of your investment. But don't forget, less risk means less return in the long run.

By saving £132.50 per month from birth, it is possible to achieve a pot of just over £46,000, based on 5% net growth per annum. This would be enough to cover University and living costs for three years.
(based on average tuition fees of £9,000 p.a. and living costs of £6,000 p.a.)
If they are able to boost those monthly savings to £209.50, they could then achieve a savings pot of £73,462