11th August 2023

How Much Will University Cost in 20 Years’ Time?

Every parent dreams of a bright academic future for their child. However, since the introduction of tuition fees in the late 90s, the financial landscape of acquiring a university education in the UK has changed drastically. It was recently reported that up to a third of students could stay at home with their parents to minimise costs. As those costs continue to soar, how much can we expect a degree to cost in two decades? Could tools like a Junior ISA be the solution to the spiralling costs of a university education? In this piece, we’ll explore how long-term investments could be the solution to some of life’s big costs. 

The Cost of University Today

Fast forward 25 years from the introduction of tuition fees, and the average annual cost for a UK student stands at around £9,250 in tuition alone. But the expenses don’t end there. Factor in accommodation, textbooks, and living costs, and suddenly, an undergraduate might be staring at £20,000 a year, or around £60,000 for a three-year programme. This is a significant amount of cash and, in reality, a significant amount of debt to incur for all but the luckiest of graduates. 

Predicting the Future: 20 Years Down the Line

Historically, the trajectory of tuition fees is somewhat alarming. Within a span of a few decades, university costs have not just increased; they’ve skyrocketed. Though no one can predict based on historic inflation rates, governmental policies, and other socioeconomic variables, a three-year degree could easily exceed £100,000 in 20 years’ time.

The Power and Importance of Planning Ahead

For most, these numbers present a sobering reality. Many UK graduates are saddled with student loan debts well into their adult lives, and delaying pivotal milestones like home ownership and family planning. The way to potentially mitigate some of this? The wisdom of early financial planning and the benefits of compounding interest.

Why a Junior ISA Could Help

This is where an Investment Junior ISA, enters the scene. Junior ISAs are tax-free (up to the annual limit) and a great way for parents aiming to save for their child’s education. With flexible investment options and the promise of growth over time, a child ISA can be the buffer against the financial sting of future university expenses. By 18, your child could have a sizeable nest egg waiting, allowing them a smoother transition into higher education. Check out our calculator here so you can see how much your investment could be worth (based on historical performance).

Practical steps to starting Junior ISA

Starting a Junior ISA is a straightforward process, applications can be made easily here.  The true value of a Junior ISA often lies in consistent contributions. By regularly adding even modest amounts, compounding interest can work in your favour, potentially accumulating a significant sum over the years. However, it’s important to note that investments can fluctuate, moving both up and down. While thechildrensisa.com offers insights based on historical performance, it’s essential to understand this does not constitute financial advice.

The days of tuition-free university education in the UK might be behind us, but we still have the tools to offer our children a pathway to university without accumulating tons of debt. If you have any questions about our Investment Junior ISA product, check out our FAQs here.

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