12th September 2023

A Simple Overview: Junior ISAs in Times of Rising Interest Rates

As the financial climate shifts, especially with the rise in UK interest rates, many might find short-term deposit rates more attractive. These rates often present themselves with a sense of stability and an appealing return. But before making any financial decisions, especially concerning investments like a Junior ISA, it’s essential to be informed about the…

11th September 2023

Junior ISAs Vs. Lifetime ISAs – what’s the difference?

Starting to save for a young child can feel like a minefield. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of financial products for little ones. How do you pick the right one? In this article, we’ll break down two popular ISAs: the Lifetime ISA for young adults and…

11th August 2023

How Much Will University Cost in 20 Years’ Time?

Every parent dreams of a bright academic future for their child. However, since the introduction of tuition fees in the late 90s, the financial landscape of acquiring a university education in the UK has changed drastically. It was recently reported that up to a third of students could stay at home with their parents to…

8th August 2023

Financial Literacy for Kids: A Fun Introduction to Junior ISAs

As children grow so do their experiences of the financial landscape. As such, the earlier children can become financially literate the better. Empowering them with knowledge and practical tools not only sets them up for a secure future but also encourages responsible spending (and saving) habits. In this piece, we shall delve into how easily…

11th July 2023

Understanding Junior ISAs: Age Limits and More

As a parent, one of the things you want to help ensure is your child’s future financial security. An increasingly popular way to do this is through a Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA). In this piece, we shall discuss the age limits, restrictions and some questions we get asked around eligibility when it comes to…

10th July 2023

Understanding Junior ISA Age Eligibility

In this piece, we’d like to provide you with detailed information regarding the age criteria for opening a Junior ISA, helping you make informed decisions for your child’s financial future. A Junior ISA can be a great way to invest for your child, offering the opportunity for tax-efficient growth and a head start towards their…

16th June 2023

An Exploration of Junior ISAs and Other Tax-Efficient Investments for Children

Investing in a child’s future is often a consideration for many new parents and guardians, and several financial vehicles offer avenues to do so. Among these, Junior ISAs stand as a well-established option. In this piece, we’ll delve into the key features of Junior ISAs and some other potential routes for your child that provide…

junior isa allowance
9th June 2023

Junior ISA Allowances: Understanding the Benefits and Limits

Junior ISAs (JISAs) can play an important role in financial planning for children. In this piece, we will delve into the world of Junior ISA allowances, shedding light on their benefits, limits, and how they function. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or family member, understanding the annual allowance can help you make the most of…

22nd May 2023

Junior ISA – a Glossary of Terms

Understanding the terminology associated with Junior ISAs is crucial to making informed financial decisions for your child’s future. With this in mind, we have created a comprehensive glossary of relevant terms. This resource is designed to help parents, guardians, and potential contributors navigate the sometimes complex financial jargon associated with these savings accounts. Our aim…

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