20th October 2020

A Junior ISA as part of Inheritance Tax planning

Inheritance Tax planning is probably not a task that most people will relish but as they say, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes and, thinking ahead and preparing for the inevitable, could really benefit your nearest and dearest. Reducing the value of your estate will significantly reduce their Inheritance Tax liability. …

6th October 2020

Everything you want to know about Junior ISAs

We understand that finance can be overwhelming, especially with savings, investments and just generally keeping up with what’s happening with the economy —  it’s a lot to take in, especially if you have just welcomed a new little member to the family. So, here at The Children’s ISA, we stay up to date for you,…

8th September 2020

How much could a Junior ISA be worth at age 16?

Let’s look to the future and imagine, your child is now sixteen. At this age, it’s clear to see their interests, character, likes and dislikes, some which may be a passing phase, but others that will stay with them for a lifetime. The mid-teens are a time where, through obtaining GCSE results and selecting A-level…

25th August 2020

What is the average Junior ISA worth at age 10?

A Junior ISA allows parents, family members and friends to lay the financial foundations for a child’s future. By starting a Junior ISA, you’ve made the smart choice and started a savings journey that will last until their eighteenth birthday, where they then have full control over the account. Once an account’s set up by…

25th August 2020

How can a Junior ISA be the gift that keeps on giving?

Whenever the occasion calls, be it birthdays, religious holidays or simply a reward for a particular achievement, it’s always nice to give your child a gift. With grandparents and family members always looking for a reason to spoil them, and where children’s attention so quickly shifts to the next new toy in demand, the collection…

21st August 2020

The Children’s ISA: Progress now your child has turned four

Children, as wonderful and life changing as they are, aren’t easy on the bank balance. This is especially true for parents who want to support their kids later in life, when your focus right now is on their current wants and needs. This is why a Junior ISA is a smart choice when it comes…

17th August 2020

The Benefits of saving for your child’s future

We understand that your children, grandchildren and younger family members are as important as they are unique. From the many highs of raising and looking after a child, we are also aware of the time constraints that come with it. That’s why we’re here to help guide you with smart and simple advice, to make…

17th August 2020

How a Junior ISA could cover the cost of university

Mid to late August is A-Level and GCSE results time and a fraught time for many 16 and 18-year-olds who will be nervously waiting for the results of their last two years of hard work. And though you can’t do much to assuage their fears around the A’s, B’s or C’s you can certainly help…

13th August 2020

Stock’s and Shares ISA’s

When looking at your child’s future, putting money aside to help them get the best start is a simple, smart move. Begin saving with any amount big or small; any financial contribution can go a long way towards a child’s future, we’re sure you will agree! The Children’s ISA can be an important part of…

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