24th April 2023

Junior and Adult ISAs compared

The Children’s ISA started life in 2011 when Junior ISAs were introduced and we have been at the forefront of the industry since their inception. But not all ISAs are created equally. We thought we would use this opportunity to compare Junior ISAs with their adult counterparts because, like humans, the junior and adult versions…

21st March 2023

Points to consider before opening a Junior ISA in 2023

A Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA) is an investment vehicle designed to help children save for the future and make the best use of their money. A Junior ISA allows parents, guardians or family friends to pay into a tax-free account (up to the annual limit) for a child under the age of 18 where…

6th March 2023

How to make the most of your Junior ISA before year-end

With the tax year 22/23 ending imminently, now is an excellent opportunity to assess if you’ve seized all your annual tax-free allowances and whether your child’s cash or Investment Junior ISA is delivering value for money. Things have changed drastically in the economy in the last 12 months so now may be a good time…

6th February 2023

A guide to Junior ISAs for parents and grandparents

When it comes to saving for your grandchild’s future, a Junior ISA could be a smart option. Whether you’re just starting out or already have investments in place, understanding the basics of a Junior ISA will help you make an informed decision as to how you could help save for your grandchild’s future.  What is…

20th January 2023

The gift of saving with the Children’s ISA

The UK has a long-standing problem with saving money. According to theResolution Foundation, since 1980, the UK had the lowest savings rate of any G7country in four out of five years. Unfortunately, it seems many people haveforgotten how to save and plan ahead for their future financial security.A Junior ISA (Individual Savings Account) by the…

9th January 2023

Everything you need to know about Junior ISAs in 2023

Choosing an investment vehicle for a child can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. The potential returns for the child you are investing for could be an important nest egg for them. But what are the options available to you? And what are the pros and cons? We’ll answer some of the questions people…

14th December 2022

Further questions answered on Junior ISAs

When it comes to Junior ISAs, there are a lot of questions that people have. What is the difference between a Junior ISA and a regular high-interest savings account? How do I transfer my junior ISA? Can I open a Junior ISA for an unborn baby? These are just some of the questions that we…

1st December 2022

Junior ISAs for nieces and nephews

A Junior ISA is a great way to save for your niece or nephew’s future. They offer tax-free savings and the investment growth is tax-free, up to the annual limit.  However, you cannot open a Junior ISA for them – only a parent or guardian can do that. An aunt or uncle can, however, pay…

14th November 2022

The gift of giving a Junior ISA

It’s that time of year again when uncles, aunties and grandparents are scratching their heads wondering what to buy the children in their lives for Christmas. It can be a difficult task, especially when kids seem to have everything they want. But have you considered giving the gift of a Junior ISA? A Junior ISA…

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