15th November 2021

An alternative Christmas gift from grandparents

There is a smarter way to give gifts this festive season. If you are looking for a present that your grandchildren will truly treasure for a longer period, we highly recommend a Junior ISA.

Simply put, a Junior ISA it’s the gift that keeps on giving – it’s the smarter option, putting money away for their future, allowing you to build towards their upcoming plans now through smart investment. Whether it’s an around the world trip, driving lessons or even a first home deposit, the Junior ISA is on hand to begin their savings journey, perfect for the gifting season. 

Did you know on average a UK adult will usually spend around £330 buying Christmas presents? And that the average child in the UK will receive sixteen gifts in total, if not more! Balance this stat with the fact that approximately £42 million of unwanted Christmas presents are thrown out and into landfill each year. Now if you have children or grandchildren you will be no stranger to their short attention spans, one toy is in favour, then out the next. This is exactly what happens with Christmas presents, the majority fall out of favour and into the trash.

A recent survey commissioned by The Royal Mint revealed that a total of £4.5 billion was due to be spent on Christmas presents for children in 2020, however, one in four (25%) of these gifts were left unused and not played with.

Plus it’s also worth mentioning the wrapping and extra costs/waste. Keep in mind a lot of these toys will need batteries to make them work, which when combined with other gifts means that people in the UK will use 189 million batteries over Christmas, and throw away seven batteries over this period. Where do those batteries go? You guessed it, straight to the landfill. So a Junior ISA not only allows you to save for their future cash-wise, you will also be taking steps to avoid unnecessary, environmentally damaging waste.

It may not be exciting for your grandchild to unwrap now, but later down the line, the gift of financial security and future planning is truly worthwhile. If you are thinking of opting for this alternative gifting option, here at The Children’s ISA we’re here to help. We believe that financial stability or a boost as they take their first steps into adulthood is one of the greatest gifts you can offer them. Our aim is to make saving for your grandchildren as easy and quick as possible, so you can spend more time making memories. Our online application is quick and easy to complete. Once the account is open it is all managed online and anyone, from family members to grandparents, can top-up the account – so fingers crossed, no more unwanted gifts! You can build towards their future together. 

Get in touch with our team today, we’re more than happy to help and answer any of your questions or you can find out more here.

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